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Current treatment Prices
Elimination Diets
Skin testing
Intestinal Dysbiosis
Investigations & Lab Tests
Heavy Metal Load
Chronic Parasitic Infections
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity



It is difficult to predict actual treatment costs as these may vary according to individual requirements.  If there are any concerns regarding treatment costs please contact the Practice Manager.

Allergy, Environmental & Nutrition Treatment

Dr Apelles Econs
Initial consultation (approx. 1 hour)
Follow-up consultation (approx. 30 minutes)
Minimum (10 minutes)

Dr Peter Latchman
Initial consultation (approx. 1 hour)
Follow-up consultation (approx. 30 minutes)
Minimum (10 minutes)

Skin Testing (Intra-dermal)  2½ hours session
Skin Prick Testing Profile
IgE Screens (RAST)
From £95.00

* Increased price w.e.f. 1/7/16

The cost of the initial consultation includes an initial report containing an action plan and associated costs of any treatments or tests.

For their convenience, Burghwood Clinic patients can pre-arrange follow-up telephone or Skype consultations with Dr Econs. However, it should be noted that these communications are usually charged pro-rata at the standard follow-up consultation rate. The same applies to email communications, if these require the specialist’s comments. Please note that costs may have to be adjusted for more lengthy consultations. The minimum charge for telephone or Skype consultation (10 minutes) is £35.00.

Please Note:

  • Settlement of all accounts is required at the time of treatment or on receipt of invoice
  • Payment can be made by cash, cheque or debit/credit card (not American Express)
  • If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your appointment time, we reserve the right to charge the full consultation/session fee if we are unable to fill the appointment slot at short notice.
  • If you do not attend your appointment, without giving us any prior notice, the consultation fee is still payable by you.


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